Value For Money, Nigeria

Value For Money, Nigeria

Value For Money, Nigeria

Value for Money is a platform that allows Nigerians to track, report and act on audited development projects abandoned, not executed or poorly implemented in their community to ensure public funds are efficiently, effectively, and economically utilized to improve service delivery Nigerians. The management of Value for Money, Nigeria want a dynamic website where Nigerians can see, relate and get involved with various projects across the country.

The project is well integrated with:

  • online forum
  • private chat
  • users registration and login
  • membership
  • documents download and many more

PHP, Mysql, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Digital Marketing etc.

Apple of Gold Creatives no doubt has mastered the art of utilizing technology tools in the most creative ways to delivering essential value that repositions their clients’ businesses to facing and overcoming 21st century challenges associated with brand representation, communication with prospects and sales optimization. I encourage you to engage its service.

Olusegun Elemo